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A Global Passenger Fleet Operation Invests In All-Electric Vehicle Service

Global chauffeur service Blacklane announced Feb. 9 it has acquired a majority stake in Havn, London’s all-electric chauffeur service, accelerating the electrification of its private hire fleet around the world, according to a news release.

The investment, completed in November 2020, will allow Blacklane to grow Havn’s service and offer more zero-emission rides in London, as well as adding the world’s first premium all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV to its global fleet for the first time.

Blacklane, which partners with luxury transportation companies and independent chauffeur contractors, has operated in London since 2013, part of a global service spanning 50 countries. The premium chauffeur service has offset carbon emissions of all rides worldwide since 2017 — a first for the sector. It added EVs in 30 cities in 2018. This year, Blacklane will achieve carbon neutrality over the company’s lifetime by offsetting emissions from 2016 back to its 2011 founding.

“While EVs are a novelty in chauffeured transportation right now, we will make them the norm," said Blacklane CEO and co-founder Jens Wohltorf. “This makes Blacklane the first chauffeur company to commit to EVs.”

Havn provides all-electric urban transport with no compromise on comfort and style — an offer unique to London. Each journey can be tailored to the preferences of the passenger with options such as playlist, temperature and chauffeur interaction all customizable within the Havn app.

Havn was launched September 2019 by In Motion, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital and mobility services arm, which invests in innovative new products and services for an autonomous, electrified, connected and shared mobility future.

Blacklane and Havn ensure COVID-19 secure health checks to protect chauffeurs and customers. Chauffeurs take their temperatures daily, wear masks, circulate fresh air between trips and disinfect vehicles before and after every journey. Passengers are offered complimentary hand sanitizer and a mask.

“Havn has proved Londoners don’t have to compromise,” said Sascha Meskendahl, Chief Revenue Officer of Blacklane and director of Havn. “Customers can have safety, sustainability and sanitisation at the same time. With our combined expertise, Havn and Blacklane will provide more zero-emission rides in London and beyond to lead the next era of chauffeured services worldwide.”

Lars Klawitter, managing director of Studio 107, InMotion, said: “This is a partnership of companies that believe in being first. Havn was London’s first all-electric chauffeur service with the first fully electric World Car of the Year 2019, award winning Jaguar I-PACE, while Blacklane has introduced the first carbon-offset programme in the industry. Blacklane and Havn share the same DNA of customer service, professional chauffeurs and green mobility.”