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NYC Clean Trucks Program Provides Incentives to Purchase Natural Gas Vehicles

The NYC Clean Trucks Program is a rebate incentive funding program to reduce diesel exhaust emissions by replacing older, heavy polluting diesel trucks with new battery electric, or EPA emission compliant alternative fuel (compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, and plug-in hybrid electric) and diesel trucks.

The goal to reduce diesel pollution will help improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, improve public health, and promote investment in cleaner, advanced trucks and transportation technologies

Natural gas trucks are one of the best options to help New York City fleets improve air quality. A truck powered by a near-zero-emission natural gas engine offers a cost-effective option to reduce NOx and GHG emissions. Natural gas trucks are road tested and offer a close direct replacement for diesel trucks in power and performance

Natural gas fueling stations are in Springfield Gardens and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A third station is in the South Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point and has the added benefit of supplying renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG is made from organic waste, including landfills, dairies, wastewater treatment plants, food waste, and agricultural waste. RNG recycles carbon already present in the biosphere, adding no additional carbon to the atmosphere. The stations are operated by Clean Energy Fuels, for any questions contact Peter Burkhart.

Several truck dealers in the NYC region sell natural gas trucks and can be reached with the following contact information.

For more information on how fleets can secure funding from $12,000 up to $185,000 per truck replacement, depending on fuel type and truck class size, please visit the NYC Clean Trucks Program website.

Website: www.nycctp.com

Email us at: nycctp@tetratech.com

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