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Revel's Superhubs utilize the newly launched modular Tritium RTM75 fast chargers.

Revel, an electric transportation company engaged in electric moped sharing, announced a plan to launch its first EV fast-charging Superhub in Brooklyn at the historic former Pfizer building (currently used by small businesses and startups).

The site will be equipped with 30 chargers, open to the public on a 24/7 basis, which, according to the press release, would be the largest universal fast charging depot in North America. The first 10 chargers (recently launched Tritium RTM75) will be installed this spring.

"These chargers can provide EV drivers with 100 additional miles in about 20 minutes. Revel plans to install upcoming Tritium fast charger models at the Superhub in the coming months, further increasing charging capacity and speed."

In the longer term, Revel intends to install more fast-charging Superhubs across New York City. In other words, it seems that we are witnessing the launch of a new, local fast charging provider.

"Revel’s expansion into charging marks its first new product line since launching a shared fleet of electric mopeds in 2018. The company started with a small pilot program in three Brooklyn neighborhoods before expanding its New York City service to Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx, growing its service area and fleet size to meet New Yorkers’ needs for affordable, socially-distant modes of transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Revel is planning to expand its product offerings further in the coming months as part of its mission to electrify cities like New York."

Depending on pricing, it could be a very interesting charging option for many of those who don't have their own parking space with a charging point.


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